A tale of a Bigfoot named Culsit

The sound of water dripping and the smell of wood smoke rose to meet his nose as the sun peaked thru the entrance of the cave he had chosen to rest in after all his work from last night. With a stretch and a yawn he stepped to the entrance to greet the sun rising and look out over the river and mountains to the East. Thirst and hunger seemed to be the first order of the day as he stood there taking deep breaths of the morning air.

Always Pay Attention Part Three

As we moved, it was slow and methodical. Everyone else I noticed looked out from the center of the columns but I also noticed them looking up a-lot. I made a mental note to remind myself to ask why they looked up so often. At random intervals we would stop for a few minutes. In those quiet times I looked around, astonished at how well the details showed up in these goggles. Its like the night didn’t exist but I had noticed that my depth perception seemed to be off in them.

Always Pay Attention Part Two

I didn’t know these guys! I just sat there purely stunned. I mean what have I gotten myself into? Its the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere and I’ve got six nutcases around me. I reasoned in my mind what to say, I even started planning moves in case this all went south. I was thinking what it would take to get to my pistol on my pack over in the tent. I looked at rocks near the fire I could use as a weapon, who to take first, who looked the most dangerous.