Coming Home Chapter Four

As the sun rose, I rolled over, surprised that I still wasn’t used to sleeping on the ground. You would think that after all the times we have over these months sleeping out in the woods that I wouldn’t be so stiff and sore but yet here it was. I lay there looking our the cave entrance watching the blackness fade to a light grey, I wondered if I would ever figure all this stuff out. I thought about the visitor from last night, birds? Really? Then again, I if you asked me not that long ago about Bigfoot, Nephilim, beings like Philo and I would have thought you crazy. Still, two birds names Munnin and Huginn, Ragnarok, all of this really, was approaching the point of me not being able to keep track of all the things happening.

Coming Home Chapter Three

We continued up the valley looking as we went for any sign of others or the enemy but the only things I noticed was game signs. Culsit and I took the lead and weaved out way across and up as we went. Occasionally we would send a wood knocks back and forth just to keep up with each other. I was starting to learn why Culsit and his people did things the way they did. I mean to stay basically hidden for so long and still survive and thrive was truly astounding. It still made me scratch my head just thinking of how many wondered not only the wilderness but also right on the edge of large urban areas. It was amazing really the more thought I put into it as I moved towards the head of the valley aiming to intersect a low set of bluffs on my right.

Coming Home Chapters One and Two

Glancing around the room reminded me of a scene from a movie.  Imagine if you took a classic Viking movie and gave it a modern twist, that’s what I was sitting here staring around at. I had food enough to feed ten of me, enough beer that I don’t think even Culsit could drink it all and as usual the laughter and rough behavior was a bit more than just shocking to me. I’ll admit, since if you’re reading this story now it doesn’t matter anyway, that I was still devastated from the thought that Rory had turned on us. I just couldn’t believe that, there had to be more to the story than mere betrayal. As my mind moved over all these things like one giant train of thought roaring through my head, I sat staring across the room at Culsit, it seemed he had found a bucket and was using it as a beer mug, all I could do was laugh.

The Swing

He was old, well to me he was, I was ten and he was in his seventies so yeah, for me he was ancient. He was short and sinewy with a head of white hair and skin that looked like saddle leather. His daily dress code was overalls with a white long sleeve shirt and a hat. Well, except for Sunday, and then he put a dress coat over a newer pair of overalls that was still new enough to be a shade of dark blue, that made it formal!

A tale of a Bigfoot named Culsit

The sound of water dripping and the smell of wood smoke rose to meet his nose as the sun peaked thru the entrance of the cave he had chosen to rest in after all his work from last night. With a stretch and a yawn he stepped to the entrance to greet the sun rising and look out over the river and mountains to the East. Thirst and hunger seemed to be the first order of the day as he stood there taking deep breaths of the morning air.

Always Pay Attention Part Three

As we moved, it was slow and methodical. Everyone else I noticed looked out from the center of the columns but I also noticed them looking up a-lot. I made a mental note to remind myself to ask why they looked up so often. At random intervals we would stop for a few minutes. In those quiet times I looked around, astonished at how well the details showed up in these goggles. Its like the night didn’t exist but I had noticed that my depth perception seemed to be off in them.